Thursday, May 9, 2013

If You Can't Duck It...

I have always loved duct tape.  There's just something mystical about it.  I was thrilled when Duck Tape® came out with patterned tapes a number of years ago.  I have a small collection.  I've done a few small projects with it.

Yesterday was Chris's birthday.  Since we're on a tight budget I decided to make him a little something special, instead of buying him a gift.  I have been holding on to my UNC duct tape for nearly two years trying to think of something to make for him.  Last week when he asked me to put his iPad Mini in my purse it hit me–a duct tape case for his iPad.  Since I already had all of the supplies on hand the only cost would be my time.

Taking advantage of the fact that I got up several hours earlier than Chris, I set to work yesterday morning on his case.  It was really a simple project.  It took me about an hour, and a large part of which was being really careful to line up the UNC tape.  The software needed was the tape, bubble wrap, and some self-adhering velcro.  The only hardware I used was a pair of scissors.

After measuring out the bubble wrap, leaving a little extra on the edges to allow for the depth, I began to cover it with strips of tape.  I left a good amount of tape hanging off the edges to make sure I didn't cut a piece to short.  While the tape is fresh it's fairly easy to pull it off of another piece, but it can tear the bubble wrap if you try to reposition it.  After covering the first side, I trimmed the edges then flipped it over.  On this side I left about an inch (since the tape is 2" wide) hanging off the bottom, which I folded over to the first side in order to hide the edge.  I did the same thing when I got to the top.

After both sides were covered, I grabbed the iPad to make sure that I folded the cover in the right place.  I used a small piece of the scrap tape that I had cut off earlier to hold it in place while I added the binding.  Again I lined up about 1" of tape along the side, then folded it over.  After doing that for both sides I removed my scrap piece of tape, and trimmed the edges. To make sure that the flap lined up like I wanted it, I put the iPad into the pocket before adding the velcro.  Once the adhesive on the velcro set, it was ready.

I lined the inside with plain white tape since it wouldn't be seen.

Chris was very excited about his case.  Now he'll carry his iPad with pride when we go out.

-Jennifer Gayle

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