Saturday, August 11, 2012

Diva Challenge #82- UMT v. VII "Brayd", Plus a little something for the Hubby

Like most husbands, mine has always taken care of me when I was sick.  He's fixed the chicken noodle soup and pulled out the extra blankets.  This year, however, he has gone above and beyond the usual husbandly duties.

After breaking my foot last July, then spraining it the week I get out of the boot, I developed a nerve disorder call Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  Because of the extreme pain it causes I have been on crutches since October 2011.  My dear husband has done just about everything for me.  He has been so wonderful throughout all of this.  I was thinking that he deserved a medal, but I decided to make him something even better.

My husband absolutely loves it.  He keeps it next to the bed and flips it to a different card each day.

This week's Diva Challenge was the first of the month so it was an 'use my tangle' (UMT) challenge.  The tangle this week, called Brayd, is designed by Shelley Beauch.  My first thoughts when I saw Brayd went towards a border.  I had hoped to put a monogram inside, but my handwriting skills aren't that advanced just yet.  I do think the medallion in the center fits quite nicely though.

-Jennifer Gayle

Friday, August 3, 2012

Diva's Challenge #81- Guest Post-Relay For Life

This week our Diva is dealing with some sick kiddies, so CZT Erin Olson was kind enough to step in and present us with a challenge.  In celebration of Erin's upcoming participation in her local Relay for Life she presented us with a Zendala challenge.  Zendalas are a combination of Zentangle and mandalas.  Their repetitive nature is meant to be meditative.

The challenge was certainly a change of pace, especially since I had never done one before.  I rather enjoyed working on the Zendala and had originally intended on doing two.  That was before the coffee table got in my way.  I've been on crutches since last October and coffee table has had it out for me for months now.  :-)  It finally got its shot Tuesday night.  I ended up rolling over it and landing on my right side.  I ended up finishing my Zendala with a sprained wrist.  Although this was my first, I look forward to many Zendalas in the future, once I get my revenge on the coffee table.

-Jennifer Gayle