Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Identity Crisis

One of the great advantages of taking an e-course with hundreds of people is that you get to share in the creativity of those hundreds of people. Every one has their own take on the same thing. For a while now I've been kind of bored with the look of my blog. It needed something, I just didn't know what--or how to achieve it for that matter. Then at the beginning of the Flying Lessons course by Kelly Rae Roberts all the participants took the time to introduce themselves and share their websites and blogs. All of a sudden I was inundated with designs of all types--elegant, fun, wacky. Above all they were creative. And I was dying to be one of them. Lucky for me the blogs weren't the only thing that was shared. A few generous souls were kind enough to share how they came about designing their unique blog. So for the past few days I have been playing around with the design of my blog. The current look is from a website call ShabbyBlogs.com. They've got some great pre-made blog templates. Before that I played around with an image that I had created years ago. I've also used a couple templates provided by Blogger. For now I think I'm going to stick with the glitter heart design from Shabby Blogs. The glitter makes me think of Mom, since she was often known to have glitter in her hair. I'm sure, however, that I'll be playing around with the design again before too long. I guess that's one thing about being creative--I'm always working on something new.


Chris Fegles said...

Hi Jennifer, I came to visit from the "flying lessons" spreadsheet. I know exactly what you mean about changing it up. I'm doing the same thing and I'm between blog re-do's and am just going with what I have right now because of "overwhelm" just like so many others! Also I have a new part-time job and wishing I could just be at home all the time again!!!!

Love your photography site! I know photographers like to follow other photographers so I'll share with you my daughter-in-laws site! http://bethanyf.com

Also I was looking for class members from NC since I'm going to be tagging along on a biz trip with my husband to Charlotte, NC sometime in Oct. How close are you to that city?

Sending a smile, Chris

Jennifer Gayle said...

Hi, Chris!

It's so good to hear from a fellow class member. Thank you for the compliment. I'm trying to figure out how to re-do my photography site too. I would like to make them all cohesive.

I took a look at your daughter's site. Her work is beautiful.

I am in Morrisville, which is just outside of Raleigh. It's about a 3 hour drive from Charlotte. We head out that way every once in a while to visit the IKEA. The Swedish meatballs and lingonberry drink are great! Of course we shop a little too. :-)

Thanks for the smiles!