Monday, February 9, 2009

The Great Pincushion Dilemma

Lately I've been doing a lot of sewing.  Mostly motivated by my desire to make something useful out of my old work t-shirts, but also because this is the first time I've pulled out the sewing machine in two years.  I've made two really cute purses, which I'll post soon.

While I was sewing my first bag I realized I was missing a key piece of sewing equipment--a pincushion.  I vowed that the first thing I would do when I was finished with the bag was make myself a pincushion.  Since I wanted something unique and creative, I scoured my craft room for something that would work.  And when I say "great pincushion dilemma" I'm not exaggerating.  I pondered for several hours, wanting to create the perfect pincushion.  

Finally I had a vision.  I had some scrap red satin, left over from my sister's bridesmaid dress, and I had some very cute little Halloween favors that had been in  my drawer for two years, waiting for the perfect project. A little batting and a few stitches later and voila--a pincushion.

And as if that wasn't perfect enough, when I was at my crafty slumber party at Panopolie, I got to make another pincushion.  Since I was playing around with felting (and sticking myself with the needles) I decided to make another pincushion.  It turned out quite nicely, though it is certainly different from the first.  But I love both of them, and in a strange way they each represent my personality.  

And if you think of it in a really odd way, it's like having a flower to put on the coffin.


Cynthia said...

Ohh, I love the first one and I got to see the second one in person so I know it looks great, too.

Where did you find the tiny coffin or did you make it?

Jen said...

I found it in the clearance bin at Walmart after Halloween. It came it a pack of six.