Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Name is Jennifer and I am Addicted to Pinterest

Yes, I admit it, I am hooked. I have been since the day I received my invitation. I set up my account and before long I was spending my nights pinning to boards like 'my dream tree house' and 'fabulous manicures'. That's the spell of Pinterest–even if I could convince my husband to build a house in a tree I'll never be a manicure type of girl.

Easter was last Sunday. I was proud of myself; after my Christmas card debauchal and procrastinating too long to send my Valentine cards I started to work on my Easter cards the week after Valentines. I was getting creative-using Peeps as stamps. I was even taking photos so I could share them online. But then I hit a snag. The cards needed a little something else. They weren't quite complete. So I turned to Pinterest...

Easter was last Sunday. Today I threw away the Peeps I was using for my stamps, put up the paper I'd bought, and cleaned up my supplies. If you're curious how the cards turned out you can follow my 'Dream Easter Card' board on Pinterest.

-Jennifer Gayle

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