Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grand Finale or Grand Finally?

Hopefully for the past few weeks you've been watching Work of Art with me.  Although I haven't been really inspired enough to write every week, I have been keeping up with the results (usually in the early mornings or late at night while Chris is in bed).

About halfway through we were introduced to the product plugging that Project Runway is so well known for.  Only this time instead of incorporating some kind of art supply we were asked to watch contestants observe an already well designed building and then design something even better about it.  And then came the team challenges.  These were not unexpected, and it was not unexpected to have to use the word cluster to describe them at times, but overall they achieved their purpose of eliminating contestants.  I do have to say, however, kudos to Jacqueline in the second team challenge.  It certainly takes a lot of guts to put a painting of you doing a 'certain intimate sexual act' on national television, especially when you were encouraged by a spoiled kid who just wanted to see if he could get you to do it.  I say Bravo!,  and as a piece of art quite stunning.

So, now we're at the final three.  As with PR, we are not at all surprised to see the young, spoiled artist with some marginal work in the finale.  Although I would have like to have seen an only 1-man finale, I do agree with their assessment of Abdi's growth as an artist (his final piece was stunning).  I will certainly miss Nicole, but I'm curious to see what Peregrine will show up with.

As for my work--I have finally gotten the opportunity to get some things shot.  How long they'll stay in the camera is another story, but at least they're on their way.

If I say nothing else today, I will give a simple morning tip.  Don't take your Prilosec, etc. with orange juice.  Not the wisest of choices.  Now, enjoy the day!

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