Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Mommy Moon

While I have a blog on my photography website, I decided to create a blog to discuss the other part of my life--crafting.  Although my crafting often includes my photographs, I do a lot of things that don't.  So I thought it fitting to share my crafty life on a separate blog.

That's the why of the blog.  The why of the name is another story all together.  The creativity that flows through my veins is genetic.  I owe it all to my mother.  She started grooming me at an early age so that I may one day pass my creativity on to my children.  My sophomore year of college my mother moved to Florida.  It was the furthest away we'd been my entire life.  She used to tell me that she could see my face in the full moon and know that I was with her.

After my mother passed away in 2004 I began to see the moon in a whole new light.  I remembered what she had told me when she moved so far away.  I now look at the full moon and know that she is with me.  I call it the Mommy Moon.  And since it my mother who inspired and nurtured my creativity, I've named my blog Mommy Moon.

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